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Envelope Inks




Amerilope™… it sounds like an exotic and mystical creature, that’s because it is! Amerilope™ inks are formulated specifically for envelope printers with a need for an ink that is as intense as the envelope industry itself. These inks have been formulated to eliminate curling while exaggerating “lay flat” properties to ensure the best on-press performance when it matters most. When you need water resistance, excellent resolubility, high gloss and high transparency for printing on envelopes, you need Amerilope™.

  • Ameriverse™ inks are formulated for anilox rolls up to 1000 cells per inch.
  • Ameriverse™ inks produce vibrant colors on a variety of substrates.

envelope2Are Amerilope™  inks right for you? Consult your Technical Sales/Service Representative today for assistance in choosing the perfect ink system for your application. Call (269) 345-INKS or have us contact you.


The above statements are accurate to our best knowledge and belief. However, due to the great number of possible influences during the manufacture of the substrate and the variation in the application process, we suggest that suitability testing take place under actual conditions prior to production. For more information, please contact your local account manager or contact our Sales Department with questions.